eCos/RedBoot for H8/300 porting project

It is the project which transplants eCos/RedBoot to Hitachi H8/300. A result thing is merged in the source code of Red Hat software one by one.

The present situation

The portion which is done

  • H8/300H advanced mode
  • H8S advanced mode (in progress...)
  • GDB stub
  • RedBoot IDE I/F
Target H/W
  • Akizuki H8/3068 board (aka AE3068)
  • Akizuki H8/3069 board (aka AE3069)
  • ? H8MAX board
  • HMSE EDOSK-2674R
  • GDB H8/300H simulator
  • GDB H8S simulator
  • SCI
  • WDT
  • NE2000 compatible NIC
  • SMSC LAN91Cxx

Other architecture should not be lost. As for the place which cannot carry out a situation easily, there are few drivers.

The build method


ToolChain corresponding to h8300-elf is required. The version currently supported.
GCCOr more 3.1 and patch
binutils2.12 or more
How to make of project text It is in a place.

eCos main part

Please read the document of eCos.
Configurator Since it does not use except ecosconfig, it may not work depending on a thing.


Please bring a binary and the patch of gcc from a Release file.

The source code of eCos is managed by CVS. Please read explanation and bring by the suitable method.


If there is a question, please send to a forum or Mailing List.
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